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The best idea ever.EVER.

2010-05-28 20:15:27 by FrozenFire

Well, not ever, there are some pretty good ones out there.
I was listening to my Iphone on my Bose Speakers when I thought to myself...

"WHY THE FUCK IS THERE NO NEWGROUNDS AUDIO PORTAL ON MY DAMN PHONE!?!" with the very strong attitude as depicted by capslock.

After years of research and sifting through the obvious "Yo bro flash is a no-go on the", I decided to bring it to the attention of possible coders who want to make money because I'm too lazy and stupid to figure it out.

In other news I have a game almost done and I hope Tom likes it bc it's kinda.. for Newgrounds. Still a boy gotta make tuition. Ill post a trailer possibly and get some beta testers later to give it a shot.

Here's a picture of my dog eating chocolate.

The best idea ever.EVER.

Is it so wrong to love a 13 yr old girl?

2010-04-18 01:49:40 by FrozenFire

I just think anybody who witnesses the true power of epic would find this girl very desirable....that's all.

Is it so wrong to love a 13 yr old girl?

Kevin's school! + tattoo

2010-04-01 17:22:39 by FrozenFire

Workin' hard on a parody of Pico's School involving Kevin Bacon and his annoying classmates including such bosses as the cruel bastard known as Tom Fulp.

He's got a plethora of weapons in his backpack, which one will he use to disassemble his rival's face? The adventure is long, but damnit...

Kevin Bacon must succeed so he can carry out his amazing future in films.

Also to keep the spirit of Kevin Bacon alive l just got this tat done..
love ya Kev.

Kevin's school! + tattoo

Heavy Rain.

2010-03-25 03:04:31 by FrozenFire

Holy Shit if you have a PS3, you should get this game.

Don't read reviews or anything online you might get spoilers which would be major lame.
At least rent it. It's by far the best storytelling game I've ever played, graphics are slick, and you REALLY get into it.

The first chapter sucks though, really shiny, boring, and joyful. After that the game darkens up a bit and gets pretty bad ass.

So yeah, it's a solid 10 - 12 hours to play through once. I might do it again just for all the extras.

Also working on a new game now that Primary is all done and released. Going to be a bit edgy but fun for you guys I hope.

Heavy Rain.

Give up the Funk!

2010-02-24 22:54:34 by FrozenFire

Primary's doing great, people complaining about controls,bugs,lag,etc yet they still believe the game is awesome which leaves me happy.

Started another game with someone else, and it's a quick one but it will be fun Im sure. :)

Jack and I started brainstorming for a sequel to Primary, won't get started for a while though. Control scheme will be priority number 1.

In other news, Im off to Vancouver on March 2nd. Got accepted to Vancouver Film School's 2-day Educational Experience... will be in the "Game Design" dept. Will be fun but I'm going to be busy the entire trip.

PS. It's colder in Houston, Texas right now than it is in Vancouver, Canada. Fun Fact.

Below is a picture of my only friends.

Give up the Funk!


2010-02-18 23:40:26 by FrozenFire

I like the Tax Game. I want to be devious like that.. any thing awful happens give me a PM and Ill be the artist for a short controversial game :)



2010-02-17 15:29:18 by FrozenFire


Programming by Jacksmack
Animation by myself
Music by Maestrorage and his coworkers( SOS )

Quick Notes-
Walkthrough is in the Pause Menu
Arrow Keys caused HUGE glitches so we trashed them.
Keyboard layout is for QWERTY Typist hand layout, but you can actually use the mouse with your right hand and click the middle of the screen to pull up a neat pause menu/phase color menu.


What do we do when we fall off the horse?

2010-02-09 00:38:03 by FrozenFire

If Zoolander can't answer that question then I don't know who can.
Anyways I feel like I've fallen off the horse.

A lot of free time to be had. Upon finishing my game I realized I have the inclination to constantly need to work. I am not one of those people who enjoy sleeping at school or taking breaks during a job... I feel like I need to be doing something productive or fun no matter the circumstance.

In my spare time I'm learning Java, FruityLoops, robotics, and a little bit of AS. Going out of my comfort zone. I want to animate some toons and make some games as well, so hopefully that'll all work out for me. If any programmer is looking for a character animator or something send me a PM I guess.

Primary comes out next week guys! :) Thanks to Tom Fulp for all the help and support (really I'll give you a nice email soon cutie pie)

You will know when it's out because it will be RIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE saying "Whatsup?"

What do we do when we fall off the horse?

Flash, Song, Art, and College.

2010-01-29 14:59:50 by FrozenFire

Lots o' shit.

Anyways I got big news :)

Team Beast- Jacksmack, MaestroRage, and I are done with a huge game for Power of Three which will be submitted sometime in the near future. It's called primary and it's neato you should play it when it comes out. :D

I finally got my hands onFruity Loops Studio and began messing around in it today (I have time since I am sick *cough*) Just finished a tune go check it out and tell me how horrible I am at this program. /307658

Also I started drawing inPhotoshop recently, I submitted a few arts.. scout me if you like them.

I got accepted to all the colleges I applied to including Drexel and DePaul. 'Tis a shame they cost so much or I'd actually consider going. I just wanted to know that I could if I was super duper rich. :)
Paying off loans n shit yeah right.

So tell me Newgrounds, on a scale of 1-10.. how buff do you think you are?

Flash, Song, Art, and College.

Add me on Steam!

2009-11-11 20:51:16 by FrozenFire

My steam account resembles myself very well.
I am currently playing as my most brilliant alias..
Nipple Crusher

Was playing a bit of TF2 and I came across a TF2 Server labeled "NEWGROUNDS SERVER"

Figured I should put the IP for you guys so those of you who want to support it
Go to console and input this code


Favorite that server!

Add me on Steam!