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Add me on Steam!

2009-11-11 20:51:16 by FrozenFire

My steam account resembles myself very well.
I am currently playing as my most brilliant alias..
Nipple Crusher

Was playing a bit of TF2 and I came across a TF2 Server labeled "NEWGROUNDS SERVER"

Figured I should put the IP for you guys so those of you who want to support it
Go to console and input this code


Favorite that server!

Add me on Steam!

It's my birthday, and Stagbeetle Day!

2009-10-15 21:55:53 by FrozenFire

So I turned 18 this precious day.

On a side note this day represents the glorious event that is stagbeetle day (Which im exempt from participating thanks to not giving a judge fudge)

Also Team Beast is still cranking away.

Thanks for your time.

Also nominate Pulp for the treasure hunt

It's my birthday, and Stagbeetle Day!

Who's that fluffy bundle of love?!

2009-09-22 23:56:12 by FrozenFire
Updated cess_episode1.php

Nostalgia kicked in, thanks for your time.

Who's that fluffy bundle of love?!

New Flash! +More

2009-08-12 10:36:01 by FrozenFire

I finally was able to submit my latest movie, Father Son Chat!

I didn't get to the next round of TOFA with it but Im pretty proud of this style.

I also have a new art piece which makes the count to two.. Once I get four make sure to scout me :) zenfire/ill-take-the-elevator

This picture relates to my team's Power of Three game which is turning out really great!
It's worth noting that Jacksmack has really got a good grip on this game and I really enjoy working with him.

Motivational picture for the lulz.

New Flash! +More

A whole lotta new!

Tournament of the Flash Artists was by far the best thing I could ever have done. Not only has it brought me out of a rut of animating but it has made me do so much more. I would seriously recommend doing it next summer, the more participants the better the competition and the higher the prize money :)

I just submitted my round two movie, which allowed me to get into the semi finals :D

My semi finals movie is already finished and has been said to remind people of Johnny Utah's flashes.
I will submit that one later after has hosted it.

I submitted my first artwork (I made it today) , If you like it then scout me! zenfire/space-invader

Also Im pioneering Voice Acting, Im probably not that good but check it out too if you are in that.. "I wanna check out things" mood. I think the voices later on in the demo are better than the first few. /255218

If you hated all of these links..go fuck yourself.

New Animation/New Art/New Audio


2009-07-02 15:33:01 by FrozenFire

I made an entry for Tournament of the Flash Artists on :)

It's a cute precursor to a game Im working on.

I submitted it on NG for you all to see, but head over to ABS to check out other cool entries.

In other news, Lil' Hoots got front page and I gotta say, Jaxxy has some serious talent so keep an eye on that girl!



2009-06-01 15:38:50 by FrozenFire

Saw the movie, tops my favorites of Pixar knocking Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc down a peg.
-I had really low expectations because it seemed like a dull idea, but boy was I in for such an amazing surprise.

Kay first 20-30 minutes is basically the story of our old dude and his lady. How they met, loved each other, dreamed of exploration, married, and it was extremely adorable/sad
I cried- bitches.

The chick's name was Ellie and she had one giant tooth missing so there Luis go touch yourself to her growing up to a perfect smile. ;)

Then Oldie McFrankenstein fears going to retirement home so he gets his balloons out for an amazing ride, where an enthusiastic cub scout follows. Their ride in the house is intense but short lived. The cub scout reminds oldie of his childhood so he developes a bond with him. This is where the Hilarity kicks in and you just fucking enjoy the ride.

Watch it. 2D is preferred.

The pre movie show is called "Partly Cloudy" and it's a take on the Stork and his relationship with the clouds. The clouds would create the cute animals and the storks would gladly take them to the earth to share. There is one challenged cloud that is incapable of creating anything other than the most ugly and vile animals and this is where the conflict sets in. Really funny ;)

Worried about Upcoming Exams?

2009-05-06 01:03:18 by FrozenFire

If you are a student you are, in most cases, worried about the finals or AP exams right about now. (or SAT's whatever)

My teacher told me that a buddy of his is doing a beta version of a study website that is supposed to help you in subjects of your desire, and you can help others as well in subjects you are strong in.

Give it a try and hopefully it helps!

On another note I am animating two games, here's some character shizz for your interest. (So you aren't wasting your time on my page) /21_Character_Template.php

Pic below is on Other game and credit goes to Jaxxy :3

Worried about Upcoming Exams?

So I got a message from a good friend O' mine named Matthew (Skeik-Sprite)and he asked if I wanted to polish up the graphics for his game Gradium?

Surely enough we got busy and it's out! Give it a go!

In other news, my super awesome underground game is on it's way to completion.
All Baddies Done
All Anims Done
All Graphics Done
All Cutscenes Done
Basically all Molkman and I need to do is "Weld" this game together and make sure it works properly.
Keep an eye out! D:

GAME: Gradium Out Now! Hit it up!

Press Stop: Rewind: and FAIL.

2009-02-25 22:19:29 by FrozenFire

I may post to the Newgrounds Front Page once every 14 Days while the other wealthy robber barons get it once a week. Darn :C

Hello Newgrounds, I am in quite the giddy mood :)

This video was quite the hilarity.. Filled with the best of FAILS.

If you have any other fails, please put a link below

I have nothing much else to input as of now except that the Game In Progress is like 50% done, engines almost complete and all game graphics are done. Cut Scenes are WIP (30% Done).

Press Stop: Rewind: and FAIL.