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Molkman and I have been diligently working on a game for about 2 weeks now, and Im proud to say it is going very swell! Progress is swift and we should be complete fairly soon.(Doesn't mean you will get to play it soon, though)

Expect it on April 7th, only because it is International Health Day.
Now onto the subject. - Death.

It's been a strange day for me. I learned today that a classmate of mine since elementary school died in a hospital due to some head trauma. This is not the first time I have lost a classmate so I've felt this way before.

Last year, my sophomore year, a really good friend of mine (A Senior, Class of '08) drowned. This was the first time I've really dealt with the death of a friend (excluding pets) and I felt bad about how well I was handling the trauma. We had counselors go through his class periods and we were encouraged to talk about what good things we remember about him. It wasn't a wasted effort, as I could see a lot of tears and broken people that day.

Then, the beginning of this year, a Senior (Class of '09) girl died. I had no affiliation with her, but I still wanted to feel remorseful.

Then, today, someone I talked to a bit in my earlier years (Class of '10) died. Although I didn't communicate to him for a long period of time, I remembered he hassled me quite a bit when I was younger. I still felt bad for him, and his family.

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Strange Thoughts be Runnin' Through My Head


2009-01-25 18:11:08 by FrozenFire

Molkman is my scripting pal and we shall dance the dance of Flash.



Wanted: A Dedicated Action Script Partner

2009-01-15 00:44:35 by FrozenFire

I have for the past two weeks been diligently working on a game. It has been an extremely successful task for me seeing how I haven't animated in such a long time.

The only problem is I have no real strong actionscript background so I was planning on looking around for a partner to glue all this animation together.

I don't want to give much details out now but apparently the game's scripting is not too advanced according to another busy experienced game creator.

I plan on animating a little demonstration soon for anyone interested so please speak now if you wish to see it whenever I get it animated. (Most likely through a PM in a week or so)
- This is, of course, only if you know how to script.

Below is a screenieeee. :3

Wanted: A Dedicated Action Script Partner


About the middle of October, my trusty lappy had decided it was time to be buried underground as it had a few charging issues. I have not been working on any flash movies since that time. I have been playing massive amounts of console games. (LBP, L4D, GOW2, TF2) and I have also been focusing on photography and modeling. I have had pictures where I am a Bum, Posing in an Abercrombie shirt, and even dressed in a women's shirt. It's a fun thing I do and I enjoy it.


Hell Yeah. I purchased a really good gaming computer on Ebay and I will be recieving it around Christmas and that will be for Online Gaming as well as my flash projects. (A little gift for myself)

I feel that a PC can't have the same issues my lappy did but hell, at least it has the power and my poor little Cintiq has been picking up dust without any use.


OH. Well...

Below is a drawing of my girlfriend.

I've Got Wood. Bring On the Fire.

LittleBigPlanet :D

2008-11-19 00:42:38 by FrozenFire

Game's pretty damn fun. I've made a level based on P0rtal and another dedicated to my Grandmother who is ill.

You have a PS3 I gotta say this game is a must buy, I spend much of my time for the past week tinkering with the game mechanics. The story mode has some pretty impressive stuff in it too, and interactive tutorials are also very coooool :)

The only issues with it are the moderation of the online levels and the restriction of graphical advances due to fears of immature pictures from the web going into the game.


LittleBigPlanet :D

Big Floppy Donkey Dick

2008-11-04 21:44:42 by FrozenFire

Look what you just elected as our president.
You could have just stuffed some money in his underpants instead.

Big Floppy Donkey Dick

Happy Birthday To Me!

2008-10-15 18:13:26 by FrozenFire

I happily turn 17 and can now purchase mature games without parental consent and see rated R movies without sneaking in! I received a PS3 to compensate for my slightly closer demise.

Especially Zekey... Say something funny ok.


Below is a picture of my car.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Jeff Was Chilling CONTEST #2

2008-09-24 19:00:27 by FrozenFire

Okay, so the Jeff was Chilling Contest #1 was a great success! We had some good entries participate and the voting turnout was impressive. Slinker's part came out on top with DuckDuckSheep coming in at close second.

That contest was for a Random Prize, courtesy of the RandomSociety Forums. How this works is:

1. Nick, the Random Society Admin, goes to the website
2. He makes a something store purchase (Which is 10$ always) and asks the winner of the contest for their address.
3. The Something Store will send a random box from their HUGE storage area and send it to the winner.
4. The winner gets his Random Prize. (And hopefully shares what he has won with the others so they know what they missed out on)

Usually it's something worth around 10-20 dollars, but they do give out expensive Items too. Who knows you could get lucky.


All you have to do is submit a flash involving Jeff (He has no specific look, make him whatever you wish)
The Theme of This Jeff was Chilling Contest is:

Jeff was Chilling with his Girlfriend when... (You finish the story using the magic of Animation)

I will take 15 parts max, but I doubt we will get to that point. (If we do though, Ill decide which to keep and which to leave behind)


24 FPS
550 x 400
No Length Requirements.
Part must be sent and complete by my birthday, October 15th

My Email:

Participants So Far-
Possibly You

You can see the last Jeff was Chilling Contest here:
It's #2 Best Ever

Here's what Slinker's random prize was.. Now he can ski without getting his eyes all frosty.

Jeff Was Chilling CONTEST #2

*CONTEST* You Guys Need To Vote!

2008-09-07 17:36:56 by FrozenFire

Hey buuuuuuudy!

Go check out my latest submission, a contest about Jeff.
5 Pieces decide what happens when Jeff chills on the Moon.

Watch the Movie, and then Give me a Private Message about who you think was the best. The Winner will win a prize courtesy of The Random Society Forums! (Go check um' out and sign up if you want to participate in the next few contests)

*CONTEST* You Guys Need To Vote!

Play Castle Crashers With Me.

2008-08-27 16:58:06 by FrozenFire

My XBLA GamerTag is fr0z3nf1r3 (Frozenfire with numbers for vowels)

I won't be playing much online until the weekend though. D:

Here is a picture of what appears to be a pedophile. ;D

Play Castle Crashers With Me.