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It's a short piece on love. It was made for a Commercial contest so It can only be around 30 seconds long :(

Almost Finished with Project!

2008-02-03 17:26:14 by FrozenFire

I have been working on a commercial for a website, I will most likely post it here if allowed.
I don't want to spare details because It's short enough as it is.

I have put more effort into this commercial than any other flash I have done, even working at school to complete it.

Animation :70% done
Sound : 15% done
backgrounds 100%done

Sex: Not even close ;D

Here's a picture to encourage that there will may be a sex scene.

Almost Finished with Project!

The movie is in the second Christmas update on the front page.

Make sure to check out the other items on there too :3

-TailRider- is OUT :D

2007-12-18 20:22:50 by FrozenFire

whooooo! Christmas :)

-TailRider- is OUT :D

Tomamoto's The Kingdom is now on ABS

2007-11-21 14:58:20 by FrozenFire

This is a great site, you should check out what they have to offer.

Also suggest It to the Funny Cartoons section on Newgrounds.

T-Shirt Entry

2007-10-05 22:50:05 by FrozenFire

my one and only. What you think? good enough to at least have a fighting chance against swain,stamper, and wonchop? The only color used is white.

T-Shirt Entry


2007-10-05 22:38:24 by FrozenFire

I crapped my pants out of sheer boredom

I've been A busy boy.

2007-08-29 18:37:29 by FrozenFire

Well, like most people, school has begun for me. But About 2 weeks before this, I signed up for a Bunch of collabs to keep me busy.

D is for Death collab (finished and Submitted)
Flathead collab (Finished)
Loneliest number collab (Working on it)
24 hour fbf challenge (Submitted and I won :D)
Milanotoons (Finished and Submitted)
Blvd of Broken Songs collab (Finished)
Brain hanging upside down collab (Submitted)

Whew.. I'm done singing up for them.. Now I just have to kick my ass to finish the rest ;D

Also I will start working on a Serious Solo Project soon When I get my life sorted out, The beginning of school seemed to rush everything into a blur.

I finished my Page stuff, It's alright and check out the movies done by my flash mates and myself. This Redesign has got me really hyper and hoppin' around :)

Also check out my Fave movies, because they are worth watching.


2007-07-17 18:14:27 by FrozenFire

Swell design and Im working on my page right now! :)

People at sheezyart plz add me as an NG buddy.