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Long Overdue Update

Posted by FrozenFire - July 27th, 2017

Probably most of the people who browse Newgrounds at this point won't recognize me, it's been a while since I put anything here. I'm still creating animations and interactive projects, but they are mostly for corporate entities and not all that fun to watch. I'll post some of them here.

What am I up to?

After graduating college, I started working at a company that owned several subsidiaries and I designed all of their websites, brochures, catalogs, etc. Basically anything any of these companies needed, I made it or learned how to make it. Eventually I realized I worked too damn fast and about 8 months into my job I ran out of things to do. They would start making me do data entry (putting pdf data into excel spreadsheets for 8 hours a day) or other tedious and boring tasks to justify keeping me around.

Why work for four companies at once and only get paid as if I'm working for one? It was then that I decided to start my own company.  I work from home now, currently with 5-6 corporate clients who subscribe to my services. 


Below is something I've animated since then. This is my own copies of the animation that I added NG music/SFX for portfolio purposes. The actual animation is one of several that plays on a loop in their lobby without any audio.

This diabetes animation was actually featured on a few local Houston television channels. They wanted it to mimic the whiteboard style and be a decent elevator pitch for their product.




Outside of work related stuff, I bought a house and will be getting married early next year! Also I have a doggo.




Comments (12)

Congrats on the successes, matey

Thank you!

Nice work! That ball valve animation is really slick and shiny.

Thanks Tom! Yeah I've been creating valve renderings for quite some time now and people like em shiny!

Did you previously have a bear icon and post in the gamerscore thread?

Nope! I've had this icon for quite some time.

Nevermind lol I was thinking of a user by the name of phrozonfire (phrozonfire.newgrounds.com), so you can see where my confusion came from

amazing work dude! :) good to see you back.

Nice to hear you're doing alright for yourself.
Yours is a name I still recognize from a lot of awesome stuff you made years ago.
Keep up the good work and stay awesome.

Thanks for your comment to that AOK cartoon, funny response from them, lol guess they aren't funny?

Yep :P

They really didn't do much for that premise. Just felt like they phoned it in.

"What is one of your biggest downsides?"
"I work too fast. :)"

Not many people get to list that as a complaint. haha
Welcome back man. :P

I've always been here... looming about :P

I'm super happy to see you're having success in life. Recently I played Relive Your Life, and I couldn't help but notice you mentioned a sequel. Either way, keep doing what makes you happy and good luck on even more future endeavors!!

I remember you!
Congratz on "making it"!



You're a grand example of a person, my guy! I played your games when I was younger.
Really happy to know your talent has only amplified since. Cheers!