Interactive Performances

2014-05-07 01:24:36 by FrozenFire

So I just finished my last final exam today and landed a graphic design job in Houston. One of my more interesting courses this semester was my interactive performance class. We would collaborate with the dance department, creating an interactive wearable with arduino, or some form of system with the xbox kinect.


They would play around with the system, give feedback, and eventually choreograph a dance to our technology. Below are two of my group's projects.


This one uses blob data from the kinect.


And this one uses joint data from the kinect.



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2014-05-07 02:47:35

Realtime visual effects! Nice! Wow, had some cute performers, eh? If it was an elderly dance class, you could use a gel shot (clear grease wiped on the lens to soften the image). Also might work well with Kinect, dunno.. Fireflies, wow, that's some real Mickey Mouse Fantasia shit right there bro!

I used to dabble with (analog) optical FX: glass at 45 degree angles to the lens to get more than one source, mesmerizers, mirrors and glass... 15 years ago :\ Anyway, congrats on the new job!

FrozenFire responds:

thanks dude!


2014-05-07 03:08:56

Graduating already? How bout them apples? Time really flies.

FrozenFire responds:

Yeah I followed your choke the chicken advice and look at me now!


2014-05-07 21:42:37

Hapi graduashun!


2014-05-08 01:48:10

you work hard

FrozenFire responds:

I really do...
I need to stop that and just learn to have fun.


2014-12-02 15:14:35

jeff weise's ghost says hi