Cool things!

2014-04-18 13:57:59 by FrozenFire

So I've made a few arts for school.


I also went to the Texas Independent Film Festival where I met up with users El-Cid and EthanAlways and spoke on a panel of directors. I ended up winning an honorable mention for my short animation, The Man Who Won't Rhyme.











I graduate in May and I'm still looking around for a job but most likely I'll be working in Houston soon. I want a solid paying 9-5 job so I can go home and start working on animations in my free time again. School kinda took away all my free time this semester :'(



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2014-04-18 14:05:15

Congrats on the Honorable Mention!

Honorable Mention is a kinda funny term... Like, "Oh Jack mentioned you at the party, but he said you were awesome, so it was an honorable mention."

FrozenFire responds:

In Japan, the honorable mention is highest mention!


2014-04-18 14:26:47

If you got a dishonorable mention in Japan, I wonder if you had to commit seppuku...


2014-04-18 15:40:20

Yes congrats with the Honorable Mention!
The art you made whas rlly nice too :)


2014-04-18 15:41:41

Grats Matt!!! Sounds like a really awesome opportunity! c:


2014-04-18 16:50:13

We will have to drink to your honorable mention

FrozenFire responds:

I want another hurricane plz


2014-04-18 17:41:34

Congrats on the honorable mention! 'The Man Who Won't Rhyme' was probably my favourite NG submission of 2013. :)

FrozenFire responds:



2014-04-18 20:30:50

This guy's going places.


2014-04-19 01:18:40

it works


2014-04-19 02:33:00

I have enough miles to go anywhere in the usa. You should invite me matt

FrozenFire responds:

Psssh I'd rather go somewhere else than have you come here


2014-04-19 14:04:54

Ok lets goto new orleans