I'm in the Texas Indie Film Festival

2014-01-01 16:11:04 by FrozenFire

Happy New Years!!! The short animation I released last month was selected to be shown at the Texas Independent Film Festival this new year! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/629764

I also now have a more professional website. I figured I'm graduating soon I need to get my shit together to start a career. If any of you know of animation/game design job opportunities OUTSIDE of Texas please let me know. Hope you all had a wonderful end of 2013!!


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2014-01-01 17:35:37

Texas sux

FrozenFire responds:

For the most part, ya.


2014-01-01 17:56:44

Congrats dude! That film is probably one of my favorite animations of yours. Your website looks all nice, sleek, and quite professional. Hehe I graduate in '15 so I too need to get all my shiz together, but looking at everything you've done man without a doubt you will definitely find something. Also I'll keep my ear to the wall and send stuff to ya if I hear of any opportunities.


2014-01-01 19:05:31

Wow your website is amazing! I wish I could make something like that. I have a mediocre one at the moment - www.zenithquinn.com

FrozenFire responds:

I need to make a showreel too still :P
It's not a bad site tho


2014-01-02 07:02:22

Hey mang! I liked your video! Congrats on all your achievements and such. ^^


2014-01-02 08:30:59

Congrats on getting in the festival man, and great site

FrozenFire responds:

Thanks Jose! :)