Employed + Relive Your Life 2

2013-02-07 23:23:48 by FrozenFire

So I am currently employed as a Technical Artist at a small game design company. We are working in the Unity engine so I've been coding in C# for the past few weeks applying GUI elements and learning a lot about how the engine works with 2D.Most recently, I programmed the game to function properly with an Xbox 360 controller.

With all of this experience I've begun planning the sequel to my "Choose Your Own Adventure" game, Relive Your Life! Most likely also going to be built in Unity. It's going to be much bigger. Not hastily written or planned like last time. Platforms are up in the air right now, but I want to shoot for PC/Mobile.

Just keeping NG updated :)

Oh and OUYA dev kits are out GUYS!

Employed + Relive Your Life 2


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2013-02-07 23:29:20

That'll be neat. I'm looking forward to it. Will ego reprise his role?

Gratz on the job btw.

FrozenFire responds:

I have not asked him yet. I won't be asking for VA until I know for sure that's the route we want to go.

The Voice Acting will be like 90% of the games file size if we get a narrator.
400 MB GET!


2013-02-07 23:34:54

cant wait till one day newgrounds integrates unity.
shit would be great for 3d games once i've got this shit down.

(Updated ) FrozenFire responds:

It would be cool to put a demo or something up here.

Kongregate supports Unity so it's probably not completely out of the question.


2013-02-07 23:40:35

Yea I've already planned out that whatever I put out on Unity's gonna stop by Newgrounds.

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like everyone's talkin' about "Android consoles" right now. Sounds whack as fuck if you ask me.

FrozenFire responds:

OUYA had over 3 Million bucks in Kickstarter backing funds so I'm pretty sure there will be a substantial fanbase for it. Also they will be sold at electronics stores just like Wii/Ps3/360


2013-02-08 00:06:29

I'm proud of you

FrozenFire responds:

<3 u


2013-02-08 06:58:00

Alright now i have a chance to earn more medals XD


2013-02-08 10:30:56

Never heard of this OUYA before.

Unity is like the cool new thing these days. Maybe I'll have to do something with it...


2013-02-08 11:06:35

Aww Yiss, Mother-Fucking RYL 2!


2013-02-08 11:13:39

why did they make the controllers shell see through? they look so ugly with the bug dumb energizer batteries staring at you.

FrozenFire responds:

OUYA sold their product as something they encouraged people to hack. The dev kits are made so you know how it's put together.

The actual console which comes out in a few months will NOT be see through.


2013-02-08 15:21:24

First game was awesome, looking forward to the second :D

FrozenFire responds:

It will be even more awesome!


2013-02-09 01:41:34

did they ever add accelerometers into the controllers? I feel like that was kinda a big oversight since this is aimed at android games.


2013-05-04 13:47:37

sorry to bother you again. I am trying to find where to download ActionScript 3. Whenever i look all i get is E-books on how to use ActionScript 3.

FrozenFire responds:

It's internally in flash. If you have flash you'll have AS3.
Open a fla file and press f9 and the script editor should open up


2013-05-10 21:00:43

Wow dude, great to hear your life's been getting upgraded nicely (since last I lurked). Hope you make a killing in PC/Mobile market, which seems likely, considering the amount of variables you want to introduce into the sequel!


2013-08-23 13:06:43

Although hastily written, so you say,
The first was a truly fun game to play.
I hope your next has comedy and laughter,
And will somehow still involve Egoraptor.
The rhyme in story was my favorite part.
It made me listen from end to start.
The story was great and funny to boot,
And the endings ranged from creepy to cute.
I hope your game comes packed with good stuff.
It's a great idea, so please don't mess up!


2014-12-09 12:17:12

when is it comingout? RYL 2?