Follow! School! Clamato!

2012-08-28 22:40:22 by FrozenFire

So this follow thing is bonkers.

If you want you can FOLLOW me.

I promise to start making things more regularly for NG in the coming months. Game Design is fun but I miss animation sometimes... and I really don't take advantage of my tablet like I used to because my work is really more styling shapes than actual drawing now.

School started up which means I will be working in a group to complete another 3D animation going through the entire pipeline. Also I'm taking a course on the Unity3D engine so I hopefully I can create something fun with that soon. I'll need to be sharpening my HTML5/CSS skills even more this semester too.

On the plane ride back from Philly I was asked what I would like to drink, and I told the stewardess to bring me her favorite drink (It's usually my response if I don't have a preference) She brought me clamato juice to fuck with me, and I found out how freaking amazing it was. Now I have a supply on hand at all times.

Freaking try it, with ice... and cheese-its...

Follow! School! Clamato!


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2012-08-28 23:55:54

Yeah well I got Flaeprps.


2012-08-29 01:58:04

I was there when the Flaips epidemic had its first outbreak...

FrozenFire responds:

Ethan you were on my bed when Adobe gave me the Flaips... not much hope for you there.


2012-08-29 07:52:45

huh...whats the difference between Adobe flash and Macromedia flash?

FrozenFire responds:

Adobe bought out Macromedia Flash like... 6 years ago.

Its the same program with some improvements and unnecessary additions.
Sooo your version of flash is pretty old man. Not bad, but I'm almost certain you cannot have an Actionscript 3.0 file.


2012-09-12 23:09:21